A Quick Primer on Radical Islam in Chechnya

A Quick Primer on Radical Islam in Chechnya

In light of early reports that the Boston Marathon bombers are Islamic Chechens, links to some solid information on the Islamic Chechen issue.

Chechen Terrorism (Russia, Chechnya, Separatist) 4/8/2010 Council on Foreign Relations

Radical Islam in Chechnya 1/23/2009 International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

The Role of Islamic Fundamentalism in the Chechen Conflict (date unknown) The Birch Journal

Russia’s Chechen war drags on (1/25/13) UPI.com

Examining the Radicalization of Chechen Separatists During the Resistance Movement (2010) StudentPulse.com

Syrian Rebels Joined By Chechnya Islamic Militants In ‘Jihad’ Against Assad (VIDEO) 3/6/2013 HuffPost

A Growing Islamic Identity for Chechnya (3/22/12)USA Today

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