After Benghazi, Still Cutting the Military Budget

After Benghazi, Still Cutting the Military Budget

avatarObama administration budget requests continue to diminish military funding.

The House Armed Services Committee today released the “Majority Interim Report: Benghazi Investigation Update.”  The report, 30 pages in length, sheds some light on many facets of the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012 and lessons learned by the Department of Defense at the cost of four American lives.  One aspect of the report finds that the “Department of Defense is working to correct many weaknesses revealed by the Benghazi attack…” (report at page 2)  The Committee also reports that Obama administration budget requests have and continue to diminish military funding.  Although the threat to United States security is arguably at least as dangerous as it was on the day of the Benghazi attacks, this trend is expected to continue.  Specifically:

Unfortunately, it is within this ominous security environment that the President and Congress continue to under-resource the military.  Uncertainty about available resources significantly inhibits military planning and leads to decision-making about force lay down that tends to prioritize cost over operational effectiveness.  Indeed, the President’s budget request for national security functions has declined every year he has been in office.  This trend is expected to continue in Fiscal Year 2015.  Should sequestration fail to be resolved, the funding for the military will have been reduced by more than $1.3 trillion through Fiscal Year 2021.  Indeed, it has already been cut by over $800 Billion in the last four years. (report at page 28)

Political ideology aside, is not military effectiveness more important than cost considerations when it comes to protecting American lives? – Grizzly Joe


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