Wall Streeter Fools Occupy!! Alexis Goldstein

Wall Streeter Fools Occupy!! Alexis Goldstein

You may have noticed Occupy Wall Street trumpeting it’s latest “Occupy Coup” Alexis Goldstein on the various social media.  The narrative presented by Occupy is that this former downtrodden Wall Street employee (“bad people”) is now an Occupier (“good people”).

However, with a minimal effort, I have outted a die-hard Capitalist using an Occupy façade to line her own pockets with cold hard cash!! As a hard-core Capitalist who has also abused Occupy for my own fun (ie., see my domain name) I love this woman for using Occupy to further her own Capitalist goals!

Ms. Goldstein has her own website wherein she touts her status as an “an activist, programmer, teacher, artist, and occupier.”  So, of her five attributes, she can make money at three of them?? (Let’s give “artist” the benefit of the doubt?)  Moreover, “[s]he co-authored the book HTML5 & CSS3 for The Real World by Sitepoint, and is working on a new book, Learning CSS3 Animations, due out in Summer 2012.”  Authoring and selling tech-geek books sound like Capitalism, yes?  If you click on the “Books” tab on her sidebar, first thing you’ll see is her HTML5 book.  Click on that image and faster then ya can say “get a job” or “take a bath” you are at the Amazon page for her book!! You can buy it from the Capitalist giant Amazon!! WAHOO!  Surely she gets a piece ($$) of every book sold, right? Capitalism Rocks!  Her site also allows you to sign up for tech-geek computer training (disclaimer- I respect teck-geeks!).  Do you think she does it for free? Of course not! Naturally, she mentions Occupy here and there. Crediting the Occupy wave you are riding is brilliant Capitalist Marketing! YAHOO!

Ms. Goldstein also links to three Occupy articles she wrote or co-authored. One of them is “Leaving Wall Street”.   A reasonably well-written piece of Occupy propaganda for sure. Therein, Goldstein comments “What started as a summer internship led to a seven-year career. During my time on Wall Street, I changed from a curious college student full of hope for my future, into a cynical, bitter, depressed, and exhausted “knowledge worker” who felt that everyone was out to screw me over.”  So, she starts there whilst an innocent college newbie and hangs around for seven years.  At some point, she purportedly realizes that she does not enjoy her occupation (yep- I used that word on purpose; irony and all…).  Well, you outgrew your first job out of college. Welcome to adult life lady!!

By the way, it’s nice that Occupy has finally attracted at least one reasonably articulate person.  Of course, as I have pointed out, this latest Occupy “recruit” is truly a Capitalist using Occupy for her own Capitalist plan.  Seriously, I love this woman!

Hey, BTW, I’m selling shirts and what-not with the Occupy Bawl Street logo in my “OBS Shop” above.  Go ahead, buy sumthin, I’m outta pizza money. WAHOO!!  CAPITALIST MARKETING ROCKS!!

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