Andrew McCarthy- Let’s REALLY Talk About Islam!

Andrew McCarthy- Let’s REALLY Talk About Islam!

best blog USASince at least September 11, 2001 it has been politically incorrect to talk honestly about the bad side of Islam. Before the dust had even settled from the 9/11 attacks, President Bush declared Islam a “religion of peace.” The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) barks “Islamophobia!” if ANYONE dares to link Islamic extremists and Islam.  Any explanation that Islamic extremists practice Koranic Literalism is twisted into an attack on all Muslims. Naturally the media, more interested in ratings then educating, now pose “gotcha” questions on Islam to provoke feigned outrage to drive ratings.  Andrew C. McCarthy at the National Review opines that it is time for an honest discussion of Islam:

Hard on the manufactured controversy over what Donald Trump did not say about President Obama and Islam, we now have a controversy over what Ben Carson clearly did say about islam – namely, that he does not believe it is consistent with the U.S. Constitution and that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

These assertions would not be nearly as hotly debated if the political class and the media had not sought for decades to suppress all discussion of Islam – other than mindless blather about its being a “religion of peace.” If we had been having the adult discussion we should have been having, it would be well understood by now that Islam is not merely a religion but a comprehensive societal framework with its own legal system.

Why is that important to grasp? Because in the West, we recognize a division between the spiritual realm and political life – a division reflected in our Constitution. Mainstream Islam recognizes no such separation.

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