AP: “After Obama success with Iran, Pope…” HUH?

AP: “After Obama success with Iran, Pope…” HUH?

blog pic gj JPGYea, no liberal media bias at Associated Press.  President Obama has agreed to give Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism worldwide, billions of dollars with nary a mention of the Americans held hostage by Iran.  Then, surprise-surprise, the socialist Pope asserts his support of Obama’s progressive polices.  Perhaps one day we’ll see the Associated Press hailing “AMERICAN SUCCESS”?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Serious challenges await President Barack Obama at the U.N. General Assembly this week after his recent successes (emphasis added- OBS) on Iran and with Pope Francis.

Obama is fresh off a successful White House meeting with

Pope Francis. In remarks to throngs at an outdoor welcome ceremony last Wednesday, the pontiff voiced support for Obama policies on climate change, immigration and economic inequality — some of which have been blocked by Republican lawmakers.

Shortly before Francis arrived in Washington, Obama was able to achieve a major victory when opponents of the Iran nuclear deal failed to muster enough support for a congressional resolution disapproving of the agreement.

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