Atheists Blame Liberals for Islam’s ‘Free Pass’

Atheists Blame Liberals for Islam’s ‘Free Pass

Ice Pee KoranHerein it is proven that “even a broken clock is right twice a day,” or at least once in a millennium.  Two people for whom your humble blogger typically has no use for have gotten one issue right. Liberals, as well as a good many folks across the political spectrum, intentionally ignore the connection between Orthodox Islam (a/k/a Islamic Extremism or Koranic Literalism) and terrorism:

Two of the most famous atheists in the world, HBO host Bill Maher and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, slammed liberals who they say are giving Islam a “free pass,” despite the human rights abuses being committed in Muslim countries and by Islamic extremist groups around the world today.

Maher and Dawkins both took aim at liberals they said would shoot down free speech in order to protect Muslim sensitivities. Dawkins pointed out the case of Warwick University’s students’ union declining atheist and critic of extremist Islam Maryam Namazie the opportunity to speak at the school in October, out of fear of offending the religion.

Maher added that those who criticize Islam are also called “Islamophobes,” which he said was a “silly word that means nothing.”

                  “ISLAMOPHOBE” defined by Robert Spencer (17 secs)

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