Awaiting Justice for Daniel Pearl

Awaiting Justice for Daniel Pearl

avatar12 years ago an Islamic savage drew a knife across the throat of Daniel Pearl.

Daniel Pearl was slaughtered by Islamic savages four months after the attacks of September 11, 2001.  The Jihadist savage who confessed to wielding the knife also confessed to being one of the 9/11/01 ringleaders.  One of Mr. Pearl’s colleagues reflects on the family’s long wait for justice:

Precisely 12 years ago, a man in Pakistan… drew a knife across the throat of our Wall Street Journal colleague Daniel Pearl and murdered him.

The identity of Danny’s murderer isn’t a mystery, nor is he at large. The Wall Street Journal first disclosed a decade ago that the perpetrator had confessed under interrogation…

Yet he has never been tried for the crime, or even charged with it.

The confessed murderer is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also alleged ringleader of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Mr. Mohammed was captured in Pakistan in 2003…

Eventually, Mr. Mohammed was arraigned at Guantanamo in 2012, but only for his role in the 9/11 attacks—and he still hasn’t gone to trial for that. It’s unclear when he will.

Judea Pearl, Danny’s father, says the family has been told the 9/11 prosecution has to come first, which he accepts.

“We understand they don’t want to interfere with [Mr. Mohammed’s] other trial about 9/11,” he says. But the family also seeks some clear signal that the Pearl murder won’t be left unprosecuted indefinitely.

In truth, though, nobody knows how long that really will be. Block quote excerpted from Gerald F. Seib “For Terror Suspects, Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly” Wall Street Journal 2/4/14

12 years later, is the Pearl family awaiting justice that will never come? – Grizzly Joe


Daniel Pearl ‘refused to be sedated before his throat was cut’ The Telegraph 5/9/04

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