BDS and Jews Who Hate Israel

BDS and Jews Who Hate Israel

avatarThe BDS movement is attracting impressionable young Jewish minds.

It is not without irony that while engaging in autodidactic endeavors in support of the counter-jihad, one encounters evidence of Jews who hate Israel.  Said hatred is evidenced by their support of the pro-Palestinian “Boycott, Diversify and Sanction” (BDS) movement against Israel.  It is disturbing that the BDS movement would find any support in the Jewish community even as the last known Holocaust survivor has passed away.  (“Oldest-known Holocaust survivor dies at 110” FoxNews 2/23/14) It is all the more disheartening that BDS finds support among American Jewish youth who seek higher education at some of the best schools in the United States.  Yes, “youth” is the proper term to describe these naïve youngsters who live an alternate universe where blood enemies would join hands and sing “Kumbaya.”   The Jewish people have been fighting the counter-Jihad even before Israel was founded in 1948.  On the other hand, how many Americans were even aware of the term “jihad” before the attacks of September 11, 2001?  That the BDS movement is attracting impressionable young Jewish minds, in America of all places, is disheartening to say the least.

Hillel, the world’s largest campus organization for Jewish students, has become embroiled in a row over its guidelines for debate and discussion about Israel.

Since an integral part of Hillel’s mission is to encourage the identification of Jewish students with Israel, it would seem understandable that its gently restrictive guidelines might forbid collaboration with those, like the Palestine Solidarity Committee, who enthusiastically subscribe to the holy trinity of contemporary anti-Zionism. (see FN)

In the name of free speech, the “Open Hillel” proponents believe it is perfectly acceptable to usher into Hillel’s meeting rooms organizations such as the Palestinian Solidarity Committee…

In essence, Hillel is being press-ganged into welcoming a strand of anti-Israeli opinion that sees no purpose in debating Israeli policy because of its hard-wired belief that Israel as a state should not be there to begin with.

The pretensions of the BDS campaign here to emulate the success of the movement against apartheid in South Africa seem almost laughable…

By abusing the notion of “openness,” the “Open Hillelians” are, with greater deliberation than has been recognized thus far, attempting to secure Jewish institutional blessing for eliminationist anti-Zionism, more commonly known as anti-Semitism. (block quote excerpted from Ben Cohen “The Anti-Zionist College Ploy” Commentary 2/14)

What say the parents of these Jewish students when they learn their children are fighting the very existence of the Jewish state? – Grizzly Joe

FN– 1) Zionism = racism = Israel as apartheid state 2) mandatory BDS vs. Israel 3) Israel elimination in favor of Palestine]


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