BENGHAZI REPORT- Blame Ambassador Stevens?

BENGHAZI REPORT- Blame Ambassador Stevens?

avatarWhy does a report that avoids placing blame on Hillary Clinton have to cast blame on the late Ambassador?

As your humble blogger carefully reviews the bipartisan Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Benghazi Report(released 1/15/14), four words jumped out at me: “including by the Ambassador…”.  For context purposes, the full paragraph follows:

The lack of security enhancements contributed to the security breakdown at the Temporary Mission Facility [Benghazi facility- OBS] the night of the attacks.  Although the cable following the August 15 Emergency Action Committee stated that requests “for additional physical security upgrades and staffing needs” would be submitted separately to the Embassy in Tripoli, the Committee has not seen any evidence that those requests were passed on by Embassy staff, including by the Ambassador, to State Department headquarters before the September 11 attacks in Benghazi. (emphasis added & footnote omitted- OBS) Report at page 19

Why does a report that mentions Hillary Clinton by name only once (according to published reports) have to cast aspersions at the late Ambassador?  Omitting the four words “including by the Ambassador…” would not have changed that sentence nor the fact that the requests apparently were not passed on by anyone.  Why does a report that is so careful to avoid placing blame on Secretary Clinton (it was her State Department) have to cast blame on the late Ambassador?

Stay tuned; I’ll surely have more to say about this report. – Grizzly Joe

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