Bill de Blasio- Nicaraguan Sandinista for NYC Mayor?

Bill de Blasio- Nicaraguan Sandinista for NYC Mayor?

Why does New York City attract candidates with names like “Client #9”, “Carlos Danger” and “Comrade”?

“Only in New York” used to be a saying expressing the quirky but generally harmless nature of life in the Big Apple.  But of late, that expression has taken a darker meaning.  Former New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer, a/k/a “Client #9”, resigned the office due to his involvement with illegal “sex-workers” (the politically correct term for prostitute?).  Spitzer subsequently ran for the Office of NYC Controller.  He lost.   Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, a/k/a “Carlos Danger”, resigned that office due to a sexting scandal (texting pics of his wiener to women not his wife).  Weiner subsequently sought the Democratic candidacy for mayor.  He came in fifth behind Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio.  Hold on tight, this gets worse…

New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio supported Nicaragua’s Sandinista military government in the 1980s…

By 1988, when Mr. de Blasio went to Nicaragua to do social work in support of the Marxist revolutionary cause, the Sandinistas had been running the country for almost a decade. Their brutality was well-documented.

It is possible that Mr. de Blasio wasn’t well-informed when he got mixed up with the Sandinistas. After all, he had only completed graduate studies of the region at an American university (Columbia), an experience that has produced more than its share of self-righteous gringos eager to reverse injustices in faraway places.

The more likely explanation for why Mr. de Blasio supported the Sandinista military government is that he believed the brutality could be explained away with good outcomes. Indeed, Mr. de Blasio still romanticizes his gun-toting chums, as the New York Times reported on Sept. 23… “To this day,” the Times reported, “he speaks admiringly of the Sandinistas’ campaign, noting advances in literacy and health care.”

That Mr. de Blasio’s comrades turned out to be greedy totalitarians who stole the spoils of the war for themselves doesn’t seem to matter. Block quote credit MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY “Bill de Blasio, From Managua to Manhattan” Wall Street Journal 10/7/13

Whatever happened to old-fashioned American patriots, neither hard-right nor hard-left, seeking political office?  Why does New York City attract candidates with names like “Client #9”, “Carlos Danger” and “Comrade”?  “Only in New York…” – Grizzly Joe

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