#BlackLivesMatter Unless They Are Unborn Babies

#BlackLivesMatter Unless They Are Unborn Babies

What about unborn black babies?  The #BlackLivesMatter movement was founded on the lie of “hands up don’t shoot.”  Compound that lie with the falsehood that American law enforcement devotes it’s limited resources to executing and hassling people of color 24/7/365 and low-information folks (politically correct verbiage for “morons”) are drawn into a never ending hunger for more idiocy that feeds on itself.  Where is #BlackLivesMatter on the truth that unborn black babies are being slaughtered BY THEIR MOTHERS?  Jason L. Riley explores the racial disparity in abortions in today’s Wall Street Journal:

President Bill Clinton [said] that abortion should to be “safe, legal and rare.” Terminating an unwanted pregnancy has been lawful for decades and, statistically, is one of the safest surgical procedures for women in the U.S. But “rare”? Well, the U.S. abortion rate has declined somewhat steadily since the late 1980s, yet the rate for black women is nearly five times higher than the white rate and well above the national average.

The political left obsesses over racial disparities in bank loans or college admissions or police shootings, but “largely missing from the debate,” wrote Zoe Dutton in the Atlantic magazine last year, “is discussion of abortion’s racial disparity.”

A popular explanation for the racial divide is that abortion rates are a function of poverty. Low-income women are more likely to terminate a pregnancy, and black women are more likely to be low-income. Yet there are limits to this argument. Hispanic households are comparable to black ones in finances, sexual activity and use of birth control. Yet Hispanic women choose to abort at a rate much closer to that of white women than black women. Even when controlling for income, according to the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, black women still have significantly higher rates of abortion.

The left plays down the discomfiting incentives and unintended consequences that have resulted from Roe v. Wade. But if liberal activists and their media allies are going to lecture America about the value of black lives, the staggering disparity in abortion rates ought to be part of the discussion.


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