BREAKING- Democrats Are Stupid

BREAKING- Democrats Are Stupid

best blog USAI am obligated to highlight this article because it mentions the “Occupy Everything movement” 😉

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger explores the stupidity of the Democratic Party and their efforts to draft native-American Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for President.  Your humble blogger is morally obligated to highlight Henniger’s article because he mentions the “Occupy Everything movement”: 😉

The implicit logic of the Draft Warren movement is that after eight years of the Obama presidency, the American people want to move . . . further left.

However intriguing that proposition, the real problem for the political pros behind Draft Warren or even the Ready for Hillary super PAC is that the Democratic left’s high-publicity wing insists on doing stupid things in public that turn off more voters than they turn on.


It won’t stop. One of Elizabeth Warren’s key constituencies—the Occupy Everything movement [emphasis added- OBS] on campuses and in the streets—is wholly alienated from the private sector, like much of this new generation’s Democrats. A lot of men and women who go to work daily in the private sector surely have decided that they are the object of these attacks.


Some Democrats may console themselves in thinking the Republicans will always be stupid. Now, though, there’s dumb, and dumber. The New Stupid Party By DANIEL HENNINGER Wall Street Journal 12/18/14

I would typically end this post with a “stupid is as stupid does” quote from Forrest Gump BUT I am ticked off at the liberal movie industry today over their handling of “The Interview” imbroglio. –Grizzly Joe

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