BREAKING- Occupy in Gaza as Human Shields??

BREAKING- Occupy in Gaza as Human Shields??

** BREAKING NEWS ** Reports are trickling in that a splinter group of the Occupy Wall Street movement is either on its way or already in Gaza to act as “non-violent” human shields to protect Islamic Palestinians from a forthcoming Israeli military attack.

A New York City based spokesperson for Occupy Gaza ( #OccupyGaza ), Gabby Haze, states that the decision to go to Gaza arose from an “energetic” Occupy General Assembly in lower Manhattan this past week. Haze states that at least 75 Occupiers from the New York City region have volunteered to join the Occupy Gaza movement. She further says that social media publicity for the Palestinian/Gaza “intervention” has increased the actual number going to Gaza at least tenfold. The Occupy Gaza site says “The Palestinian people have demonstrated their hunger for a change. They are no longer willing to remain quiet about the rampant corruption, brutality, and ineptitude of the corporate-like Israeli click [sic] that has oppressed the Islamic-Palestinian people and transformed them into an asset whose sole purpose is to provide cheap labor for the State of Israel’s elite 1%. The Occupy movement stands with the people of Palestine, the 99%.” Haze added that “Since we are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends we believe it is only right that we should return to Occupy’s roots in the Arab homeland and assist the good people of Palestine.” Asked whether the Occupiers going to Gaza felt they are in any physical danger, Haze stated they did not. “The Zionist pigs are well aware of our resolve and of the change we have brought to the United States and the world. We know that they will meet with us in the interest of humanity and that we will be able to bring a non-violent resolution to the good people of Palestine.”

The White House, State Department and Palestinian Authority did not respond to requests for comment.

THIS IS A PARODY! supports Israel against the Islamic savages 100%.



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