BREAKING- United Nations Is Useless

BREAKING- United Nations Is Useless

Saudi Arabia has declared that the United Nations is the moral equivalent of the Great Satan.

At least one pundit (me!) has called the United Nations an iconic bastion of do-nothingness.  Imagine the vindication I felt when that view of the United Nations was seconded by no less than Saudi Arabia!  Can an Islamic regime and your humble blogger share the same thoughts on anything?

Membership in the United Nations Security Council is supposed to be like a Nobel Prize—no one ever turns it down. So when Saudi Arabia declined its invitation to join the Security Council as a two-year, non-permanent member on Friday [10/18/13], you could hear diplomats gasping around the globe.

The decision was even more shocking because of the way the Saudis explained their decision. They essentially said the U.N. body that is supposed to enforce international order has become an abettor of rogues and mass murder.

Specifically, the Saudis mentioned the failure of the U.N. to settle the Palestinian conflict and rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons. But those are old stories. The proximate cause of Saudi anger is Russia’s decision, abetted by China, to veto any Security Council action against Syria.

The Obama Administration continues to portray the U.N. as a moral arbiter and the linchpin of global security, which shows the continuing power of liberal illusions. After more than 100,000 Syrian deaths, the Saudis are enthralled.  Block quote credit Review & Outlook “U.N. Insecurity Council” Wall Street Journal 10/21/13

If you are keeping score, the Obama Administration sees the United Nations as the “Annointed One” (tip of the hat to Sean Hannity) insofar as maintaining global peace.  On the other hand Saudi Arabia, an Islamic-Arab regime (“not that there’s anything wrong with that” – credit Seinfeld: Season 4, Episode 17 “The Outing” 11 Feb. 1993) has declared in essence that the United Nations is the moral equivalent of the Great Satan.  Seriously folks, simply trying to keep up with Geopolitical developments these days can make one’s head spin.  Now can we dissolve the United Nations, or at least ask them to move out of New York City? – Grizzly Joe

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