CAIR Says Ignore the People on This List

CAIR Says Ignore the People on This List

Any enemy of CAIR is likely a friend of mine.

I wrote about CAIR’s (Council on American Islamic Relations) Islamophobia Report at American Thinker on September 28, 2013; “Burning CAIR’s Islamophobia Report”.  CAIR’s report lists groups and organizations whose speech CAIR would censor.  Therefore, it stands to reason that one interested in counter Jihad should at least check out these folks and maybe follow them.  Listed here are Twitter accounts if they have one. If they have no Twitter account, I link to their webpage IF it appears to be active (ie. recent posts/updates).  Of all the people/ groups CAIR lists, I leave only about four off my list here, they include alleged Pastor Terry Jones and a blogger who I believe to be totally unhinged based on a Twitter “discussion” I had with them.  Please be advised, while I can personally vouch for at least five of these people/organizations, I have not checked them all out.  Inclusion of any of them here is not an endorsement of them or their views.  However, any enemy of CAIR is likely a friend of mine. 😉  If my counter Jihad friends believe any of those on my list should be removed, drop me an email and let me know why.  (These emails will be kept private)

Here is the list:

Act! For America, Brigitte Gabriel @act4america

American Freedom Defense Initiative @AFDINational

Stop the Islamization of America @SIOAmerica

American Freedom Law Center, David Yerushalmi @AFLC_Updates

American Public Policy Alliance

American Islamic Forum for Democracy @AIFDemocracy

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser @DrZuhdiJasser

Americans Against Hate, Joe Kaufman (no twitter, webpage outdated)

Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller @Atlasshrugs

Bare Naked Islam

Bay People (webpage seems outdated)

Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney @frankgaffney

Center for Study of Political Islam, Bill French @PoliticalIslam

Christian Action Network @PRBFilms

The Clarion Fund @clarionproject1

Concerned American Citizens (blog)

Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment (appears not to have site or Twitter acct)

Counter Terrorism Operations Center, Sam Kharoba (website found appears inactive)

David Horowitz Freedom Center, David Horowitz

Florida Family Association, David Caton

Former Muslims United, Nonie Darwish

Forum for Middle East Understanding, Whalid Shoebat

Gates of Vienna

Investigative project on Terrorism, Steve Emerson @TheIPT

Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer @jihadwatchRS

Middle East Forum, Daniel Pipes @meforum

Middle East Media Research Institute @MEMRIReports

SAE Productions (appears not to have webpage or Twitter acct)

Society of Americans for National Existence

Stop the Islamization of Nations @SIONations

Strategic Engagement Group, Stephen Coughlin, John Guandolo

Tennessee Freedom Coalition, Lou Ann Zelenik

The Shoebat Foundation @WalidShoebat

The United West @TheUnitedWest

The Virginia Anti-Sharia Taskforce (site is not active)


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