Paris Was Attack on World

Paris Was Attack on World

best blog USAThe Charlie Hebdo executions were aimed at a few cartoonists because they dared point out the flawed ideology that is (extremist?) Islam.  However, in a broader sense it was an attack on the very notion of open debate in a free society.  It was an attack on non-Muslim Western notions of liberty.  Time and time again, we see that adherents of (radical?) Islam are threatened by any attempt to discuss the tenets of Islam.  Thus it is clear that the Paris attacks were an attack on not just those cartoonists but on all of Western society and all the ideals of liberty that Western society embodies.  The Paris attacks may have woken up a good number of ignorant people to the savagery that is (orthodox?) Islam. – Grizzly Joe

Gerald F. Seib (WSJ)- It’s an article of faith in diplomacy that every crisis also carries the seeds of opportunity. So it is with the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in France: It represents a chance to change the global attitude toward what can only be described as a rising tide of extremism and intolerance.

Global outrage at such behavior has been insufficient. That may have started to change in a big way over the weekend in Paris. A million people filled the streets to march against the threat of Islamic extremism. More than 40 presidents and prime ministers showed up to lend their names and faces to the movement. Newspapers around the world showed remarkable pictures of the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president sharing space in the front row of leaders, arms linked, marching through the streets.

“In a sense France was not attacked because it was France, but because it was a democracy,” Gérard Araud, France’s ambassador to the U.S., said in an interview. “If all the heads of state and government went to Paris, they did so because they felt it was not a French story.”

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