Can’t We Just Outlaw ALL Marriage? (PLEASE!!!)

Can’t We Just Outlaw ALL Marriage? (PLEASE!!!)

As a long-suffering married heterosexual man, I would personally like to see all marriage outlawed.  The reality is that this will not happen anytime soon, let alone soon enough to do me any good.

So my approach to the gay marriage issue is answered with one simple question;

Do heterosexual people have an inalienable right to monopolize the misery that is marriage? No.

Why should hetero folks be allowed by law to wallow in the misery of marriage whilst denying all you good gay folks the same opportunity?  So I say let us legalize gay marriage.  After all, misery loves company, eh?

However, if a single gay person ever comes to me down the line and whines that “nobody warned me about the misery inherent in marriage”, I will smack that person with a rolled up Playboy magazine.  Which… umm… naturally I get purely for the articles.

Here is the Video version of this article (OBS vid 1:13)


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