Chik Fil A Video Idiot Adam Smith Vante CFO Resume

Chik Fil A Video Idiot Adam Smith Vante CFO Resume is anti-occupy, PRO-USA, Pro- Law Enforcement, Pro-Military & anti-jihad…

So, I saw this moron’s video (going viral on the web) and thought to myself, “Who is this idiot?” and “What qualifies him to lecture this young lady from the cowardly safety of his car?” Well, I found his resume on the web. Take a look and see if it answers any of your questions, eh? (yes, I redacted his phone # and e-mail- don’t ever confuse with some loony lefty site.  The resume is hosted on my site. Adam Smith Resume Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Chik Fil A Video Idiot Adam Smith Vante CFO Resume

  1. haha he just deleted his linked in profile – google cache has it – [LINK DELETED BY OBS FOR SAFETY]

    Also, he states “Not a gay in me”, however, his facebook page seems to say otherwise – [LINK DELETED BY OBS FOR SAFETY]

    • thanks for your feedback John! The resume I posted here was also “deleted” before I got to it but was “saved” in some manner by Google>> I’m not a tech-geek ( I use that term w/ respect) but I was able to “grab” it… Why he had to say he wasn’t gay is beyond me?? While OBS is right of center on many issues, OBS is NOT anti-gay (see my Sally Ride article as well as my “Gay Marriage Yea or Nay” post) FYI- I delated the links you provided only to protect my readers; if I won’t click thru for my safety, I won’t post em for other people to click! John- THANX FOR STOPING BY- TRULY APPRECIATE IT!! 🙂

  2. thanks for the post! What a horrible man to ruin that sweet girls day! He has to be a sadist. Any missing girls in his area code. If I was the FBI, I’d visit his home.

    • Thanx Bill- I can NOT believe the response this post got. I try to keep it clean here so I’ll just call him a moron. Just goes to show, no matter what kinda education background ya might have, ya can still lack common sense. Thanx for stopping by!!

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