Cop Stabbed in Eye But Fireworks Top the News

Cop Stabbed in Eye But Fireworks Top the News


On July 4th a uniformed on-duty police officer was stabbed in the eye while on duty at a major NYC commuter transportation hub in an unprovoked attack.  To his credit, the officer was able to shoot and kill the bad guy; justice prevails!  So what topped the broadcast news that night? Yes, the “department store” sponsored fireworks display in N.Y.C.  As near as I could tell, jumping around the six local news broadcasts at 10:00 and 11:00 p.m., every channel led with the fireworks!  One of the brave few who stand between us and THEM is stabbed in the eye but the citizenry need to know about the annual fireworks nonsense FIRST?   In my humble view, annual 4th of July fireworks display reportage is fluff pure and simple.  Heck, let’s face it, the footage of the fireworks could be recycled from years past, who knows?  Then this year we have a happy-go-lucky reporter “reporting” how much fun the fireworks were even as the officer lays on the operating table…  AARRGGHH!!  Was the officer near death, was he going to lose his sight? Call me crazy (many do) but it seems to me that we should want to know how the officer is doing FIRST, before the feel-good nonsense; TOP OF THE NEWS!!!  Far too many citizens take our police officers for granted or actually dislike them (“sunofabitch gave me a ticket, can ya believe it?”) even though they risk their lives for US everyday.  Are the news directors kidding me?  Yes, this HAS been aggravating me for 5 days now.   The officer has already left the hospital but whether he will regain the vision in that eye is unknown.

Two articles about the incident:

New York Post 7/5


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