Counter Jihadist Assassination Attempt; Where’s the American Media?

Counter Jihadist Assassination Attempt; Where’s the American Media?

Once again, Pamela Geller over at AtlasShrugs broke the news in the United States of yet another Islamist attempt in Denmark to assassinate anyone who dares to question the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood world view; Pro-Freedom Activist Lars Hedegaard Fought off his “Arab” Assassin (2/5/13)  Why does the ever-so-bold American mainstream media ignore these stories?

“It is astounding that the enemedia is ignoring this story. Well, maybe not surprising. Imagine if a jihadist preacher had been targeted by a freedom lover; they would be rounding all of us up as we speak and building the gallows. The West is sinking.

Hedegaard fights for freedom. He heads up the International Free Press Society. Hedegaard spoke at our International Freedom Conference on September 11, 2012 as our embassies and our Ambassador burned in another attack on our freedom. Lars was targeted for assassination. This is war. The target was more than one man, but an idea. The target was freedom. We are all Lars Hedegaard. Brave son of a gun that he is.” Pamella Geller

OBS wrote about Mr. Hedegaard last September

Lars Hedegaard posits that it is hard to win the war against Islamization if we do not acknowledge that we are under attack.  He draws an astute comparison between Nazism and Islamism, pointing out that the rhetoric from both is startlingly similar.  Hedegard said that “whoever invented Mohammed” (with an nod to Robert Spencer for his book “Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins“) “we have truth on our side.” OBS 2/14/12 Stop Islamization of Nations World Congress for Free Speech

Other coverage of the attack; note that he is mislabeled as an “Islam critic” and “Anti-Islam”;

Denmark shooting: Gunman targets Islam critic Hedegaard BBC 2/5/13

Gunman fires at Danish anti-Islam writer Lars Hedegaard 2/6/13

Assassination Attempt, Multiple Shots and Misfires at Islam Critic Lars Hedegaard, Arab Perpetrator Suspected Right Side News 2/5/13

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