#CPAC2013 Welcomes Al-Jazeera But NOT Pamela Geller?

#CPAC2013 Welcomes Al-Jazeera But NOT Pamela Geller?

For the first time in several years, Counter-Jihadist Pamela Geller was not welcome by CPAC2013. Geller’s past CPAC panel discussions have been standing-room only events on how Islamization (“the political ideology of those Muslims who would impose the Islamic faith on non-Muslims by any means necessary”) affects non-Muslim culture; ie Islamic attempts to stifle free speech in non-Muslim countries.

The uninformed might assume CPAC did not welcome Geller because her Counter-Jihadist activities are not “politically correct”, possibly insulting to conservative Americans who happen to follow Islam.  Let’s be very clear, Geller is not anti-Islam, not by a long shot.

This year’s Geller panel surely would have included mention of the Al-Jazeera acquisition of Current TV.  So imagine my surprise, on my first CPAC visit, when a fellow who requested an interview with me stated that he was with Al-Jazeera!! The news organization that many view as an Islamist propaganda outlet was covering CPAC while Ms. Geller was excluded!!  I declined the interview.

While it troubles me to link to Al-Jazeera, what would it say for my credibility if I did not give you proof that Al-Jazeera was at CPAC2013? (BTW- I’m not linking to this just because your humble blogger can be seen giving an interview to another media outlet at :20) Here is the Al-Jazeera report:

(They post their videos differantly then most; I ain’t no tech geek, so If that doesn’t work, try this link Al-Jazeera video report “Republicans Try to Revamp Image of Party” (2:07))

In the end, Pamela Geller and her colleague Robert Spencer, were present at CPAC in a last-minute CPAC panel from BreitBart.com entitled “The Uninvited”. Kudos to Breitbart!!

There is actually quite a back-story to the CPAC/Geller imbroglio; here are links to Geller’s site as well as Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.

See CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller (Breibart.com 3/1/13)

Also check out “Michelle Malkin, others #StandWithPamelaGeller after CPAC snub” (Twitchy.com 3/2/2013))

For more on Al-Jazeera in the U.S.; Al Qaeda Ministry of Information Coming to 8 U.S. Cities (OBS 2/22/13)

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2 thoughts on “#CPAC2013 Welcomes Al-Jazeera But NOT Pamela Geller?

  1. Interesting. Also noted how the Al Jazeera broadcast slid in there that Rubio is the party’s best bet in 2016; exactly what the GOP establishment rushed to firm up, if not for supporters of the likes of Rand Paul, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz kind of stomping on their toes.

    Thanks for the info. Btw, who were giving the interview to? Saw you, but only the reporter’s back.

    • Funny thing is if this guy had NOT asked me for an interview & said he was w/ Al-Jazeera, this ironic story likely would have flown under the radar. I could do a whole other post on how they slanted their “report”. I gave about 5 interviews to news & radio outlets (not sure why they wanted me, guess I look authoratative??? 😉 thinkin that interview was an Israeli News Station??

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