Cuomo’s Bridgegate- Lapdog Media AWOL

Cuomo’s Bridgegate- Lapdog Media AWOL

avatarLet’s call this one Gazebogate.

Say “Bridgegate” and folks from the East Coast to the West will at least know that it involved Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (and a bridge?) in some manner thanks to virtually around the clock coverage from the mainstream media.  However, will the media be as interested in reportage that New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aide interceded with a town building inspector on behalf of Cuomo’s live-in girlfriend over a failure to obtain building permits?  Said girlfriend, Sandra Lee (a purported “celebrity”) failed to get appropriate building permits for renovations to the home she shares with Cuomo:

Sandra Lee—the celebrity chef and the live-in girlfriend of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo—settled multiple building code violations at her Westchester County home with the help of a state official.

[New Castle Town building inspector William Maskiell] said he began investigating in late 2011 after driving by the home and noticing changes to the property, including a new gazebo and a building shed, Mr. Maskiell said.

“I sent out a notice to Ms. Lee. And a gentleman, I guess he worked for the governor, got back to me,” Mr. Maskiell said. “He asked me what was required in terms of building permits.”

[A local newspaper] The Journal-News identified the official as Larry Schwartz, Mr. Cuomo’s highest-ranking aide.

Six months later, when the Cuomo aide hadn’t returned Mr. Maskiell’s phone calls and emails requesting more information about the property, the building inspector said he got fed up. “After months of that, it was enough, so I sent a violation notice,” he said. “We had to act on it.”

Mr. Maskiell said he has no plans to take further action against Ms. Lee, despite a spate of recent magazine interviews in which she talks openly about renovations she and Mr. Cuomo have made. Block quote excerpted from Mara Gay, “Cuomo’s Girlfriend Got State Help With Permits” Wall Street Journal 5/12/14

What did Governor Cuomo know and when did he know it?  Furthermore, what are the rules for identifying these scandals? We simply add “gate” to one of the relevant words, right?  Let’s call this one Gazebogate. That deafening silence is the sound of the mainstream media giving yet another Democrat a free pass on abuse of power.  Kudos to Inspector Maskiell; he did his job despite the involvement of the Governor’s Office. –Grizzly Joe

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