Demand Justice for LCpl Greg Buckley Jr.

Demand Justice for LCpl Greg Buckley Jr.

*UPDATE 12/29/14*- Family of murdered Marine suing military over alleged cover-up FOX NEWS 

***UPDATE 7/30/14***- Family of murdered Marine ‘betrayed’ after Afghan killer gets 7-year sentence 7/25/2014 Marine Corps Times

On August 10, 2012, United States Marine Lance Corporal Greg Buckley, Jr. was executed by an Islamic terrorist on Greg’s military base in Afghanistan.  This is his story as told by his father Greg, Sr.

[Greg Jr. says] “we’re training these people over here… and at the end of the day… these people are gonna turn their weapons on us and murder us…  Dad, I just wanna come home. I don’t wanna be here no more… I know they’re gonna murder me here…” (OBS video 9:46)

See the full unedited video (32:33 mins) at Pamela Geller’s site here (2nd vid down)

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  1. Get them HOME and get them OUT of the newly corrupted military. You got that not from a vet, but from a combat vet and retiree. Bring them home and get them out.

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