Dorner Worship GOOD for Law Enforcement?

Dorner Worship GOOD for Law Enforcement?

Just when you thought an irrelevant “movement” could not get any sillier, folks claiming to be part of “Occupy this-that-or-the-other” have come out in support of the former animalistic piece of “BLEEP” cold-blooded psycho killer and current crispy critter Christopher Dorner.  One must wonder how many of these Dorner-lovers are potential killers waiting for an “excuse” to exact their revenge upon perceived tormentors.  Or, will this Dorner worship embolden social misfits hiding in the shadows to go on a killing spree in the hope of being hero-worshipped like Dorner?  Recall that the nut who shot President Reagan acted out to impress a well-known actress.  For those of a certain age, recall that Charles Manson also attracted a “following”.  These borderline personalities are amongst us!

However problematic “Occupy Dorner” may be, there is a potential positive for pro-active law enforcement agencies and perhaps even mental health professionals.  These “Dornies” (you heard THAT word here first!) are being very open and public about their Dorner worship. This is an open invitation for law enforcement and government mental health agencies to take a look at these folks (while respecting Constitutional protections… blah, blah, blah) to see if they display indicators of going well beyond any notion of “Free Speech”.  Do any Dornies advocate or encourage violent acts?

However, at what point does free speech become an incitement to violence? (see FORT HOOD REPORT DIGESTED (Pt. 2) (Violent Radicalization) OBS 7/24/12)  The fact that these Dornies are being so public about their support for Dorner, they are effectively waiving any Constitutional protections of that Free Speech.  The Government is entirely free to review what they are saying publicly and decide whether further court-approved investigation is warranted. (see NYPD Surveillance of Muslims is GOOD!! OBS 2/27/12 )

Parting thought: can “Occupy Dorner” and “Occupy Obama Drones” co-exist in the same movement…?  (Google “occupy drones”; the depth of their idiocy is never-ending.)

If you haven’t done so already, read the Christopher Dorner Manifesto so that you MIGHT recognize the early warning signs of mental illness in others and therefore be able to get them help BEFORE they hurt anyone, including themselves.

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