Down Syndrome? Kill that Baby for Profit

Down Syndrome? Kill that Baby for Profit

Ask any parent of a Down Syndrome child if they consider their child to be “defective.”

It is truly disturbing how baby killing has simply become part of the economy.   Killing an unborn child is merely another talking point just as one talks about a stagnant economy.  Case in point, an article in the “Marketplace” section of the Wall Street Journal about prenatal tests to screen for Down Syndrome.  If you are interested in investing in baby killing, the online edition of the article even has links to the testing company stocks. (following block quotes credit WSJ- Tough Calls on Prenatal Tests- Companies Race to Promote New Genetic Screen for Down Syndrome; Worries About Patient Confusion 4/3/13)

New prenatal blood tests for genetic abnormalities such as Down Syndrome are reshaping care for expectant mothers, but their rapid rollout has raised fears that poorly understood results could lead to confusion among patients and doctors managing high-risk pregnancies.

Is “high risk” a medical issue for the mother and unborn child or a civil liability issue for the doctor?

The industry expects that at current rates it will run hundreds of thousands of [these] tests this year, and many doctors believe they could fast become the standard of care for pregnant women.

[Medical specialists] worry that in the worst-case scenario, inaccurate test results could contribute to the abortion of healthy babies.

Note the multi-layered assumption here.  Down Syndrome babies are not healthy merely because they have Down Syndrome.  There are presumptively defective and automatically subject to the death penalty within their mother’s womb.  Ask any parent of a Down Syndrome child if they consider their child to be “defective.”

In addition to reducing the risks of complications, the tests appeal to women because they can be performed earlier in a pregnancy—beginning at about 10 weeks, offering a head start on potentially difficult decisions.

To wit: killing an unborn child before mom begins “to show”??

But false-positive results raise the specter that women could choose to terminate healthy pregnancies if they don’t receive appropriate follow-up care.

In one case published online by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, a positive result from one of the new tests—together with preliminary results from another less-precise invasive measure—prompted a patient to terminate her pregnancy without undergoing a confirmatory amniocentesis. Testing of tissue from the aborted fetus showed the pregnancy was normal, the report said.

A “normal” apparently healthy baby killed for fear that it might have Downs!  How does an event like this impact the pro-abortion movement?

At least one case of a false-negative report also raised questions. [One test] incorrectly cleared a New York woman’s fetus of Down syndrome, according to the case report presented at a medical society meeting last month. Further testing prompted by unusual ultrasound readings later determined that the fetus did, in fact, have Down syndrome, and the patient opted to terminate the pregnancy.

“Terminate the pregnancy” sounds so sanitary, doesn’t it?  Look, the generic wholesale slaughter of unborn babies is bad enough.  Killing a baby simply because they may have the Downs “defect” is a seperate level of evil.

Naturally, the companies developing these tests for profit justify their actions as furthering prenatal care of expectant mothers, an advance in medical science.  The fact that their newly-developed tests will cause further slaughter of unborn babies is justified in the name of profit.

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7 thoughts on “Down Syndrome? Kill that Baby for Profit

  1. I don’t agree that the test-makers are doing this to encourage abortions. I blame the OB/GYNs and the liberal culture for saying Down babies are “defective” and promoting abortion as a way to make the problem disappear.

    I took one of those tests, which showed that my baby might have Down. I had zero intention of having an abortion. I even refused to have the definitive amnio because of the risk of miscarriage. I educated myself on what it would be like to raise a child with Down and left the rest up to God.
    Turns out my daughter did not have Down. But I did prepare myself for that possibility. That is what expectant parents SHOULD do. That there are medical tests that can help people prepare for possibilities is a godsend. The decision to abort is not the fault of the test-makers; it’s the fault of the parents.

    • GOB BLESS YOU! I am the proud father of a Downs child. We knew VERY early on in pregnancy even though we never did amnio due to risk to the baby. We educated ourselves just as u did. No regrets ever! Thanks 4 stopping by!! 🙂

      • I can understand why this issue gets you riled up. But my husband is a pharmaceutical scientist and has worked every single day to help others. He and the hundreds of scientists he’s worked with over a 25-year career have never, EVER put profit over medical effectiveness and safety. That people are using the tests to make immoral decisions is not the fault of the test-makers.

        I was not sure why I ‘needed’ an amnio. The genetic specialist explained it was so we could decide to abort if test was positive for Down. I told her there’s no effin’ way I would have an abortion. She was very professional, but you could see in her eyes that she wanted to jump for joy.

        God bless you for your gift to the world. I follow you on Twitter and enjoy your tweets!

      • Hi, I had down syndrome patient and she was dying and then died at age of 50 or so. Her eighty something year-old father on her death, said to his wife with his voicing cracking, “Mommy, we had her for 50 years.” I will never forget, she was the light of their lives.

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