Edward Snowden- Bio of a Cowardly Spy

Edward Snowden- Bio of a Cowardly Spy

avatarHow many heroes make haste for Russia after doing “good”?

Edward Snowden has ironically united intellectually challenged persons from across the political spectrum in their belief that the National Security Agency’s telephony metadata program is evil incarnate; The United States Government as Big Brother run amok.  That many of these people see Edward Snowden as a hero to the American people is all the more alarming.  How many heroes make haste for Russia after doing “good”?  Former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey best sums up Snowden’s lest then stellar background:

A young man gets a medical discharge from the military notwithstanding that his avocations include kickboxing, then has a rocky and brief tenure at the CIA that ends with his negotiated retention of his security clearance—which allowed him then to be employed by a military contractor in a job that gave him access to the secrets he later leaked—and then he manages to disable a complex computer system and steal more than a million-and-a-half documents. Are we not entitled at least to some brief assurance that the holes in the system that allowed Edward Snowden to do what he did have been sewn up? Block quote excerpted from Michael B. Mukasey “The President’s NSA Illusions” Wall Street Journal 1/21/14

Your humble blogger has previously noted that “[t] he few facts known thus far about Snowden show a predetermination to violate the confidentiality of his NSA employment without legal justification.” see “Edward Snowden- Malice Aforethought” OBS 1/13/14  To be clear, your humble blogger firmly believes Edward Snowden is a traitorous coward who knew exactly what he was going to do before he took his job as an NSA contractor.  The question currently being investigated is to what extent Snowden was assisted by others with nefarious intent. – Grizzly Joe

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