Edward Snowden the Ignoble Spy

Edward Snowden the Ignoble Spy

avatarIntelligent folks simply do not applaud Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks.

Edward Snowden has united intellectually challenged persons from across the political spectrum in their belief that the United States Government is Orwell’s Big Brother run amok.   Intelligent folks simply do not applaud Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks.  That populist clown Rand Paul has jumped into the Snowden mosh pit to heighten his political profile clearly shows Paul is not fit to be Commander-In-Chief.  Simply put, Snowden is a traitor to the American citizenry.  The fact that Snowden’s American supporters cannot see Snowden for what he is illustrates the danger of a low-information electorate.

[T]he theft and publication of secret documents is not a heroic campaign.

Mr. Snowden has not proved systematic abuse by the NSA or partner agencies. Moreover, his story has been told naïvely and hysterically, with a huge dose of hypocrisy and with gravely destructive effect.

Mr. Snowden’s allies—the Snowdenistas, as I term them—lack the skills to keep the material safe, or redact it to limit the damage. Their claims to the contrary are not credible.

The Snowden story is full of puzzles and suspicious twists and turns. Snowdenistas are extraordinarily paranoid about the actions of their own governments, yet they and their media allies are strangely trusting about the aims and capabilities of the government of Russia—where Mr. Snowden arrived so oddly and lives so secretly.

Far too little attention has been paid to the political agendas of people such as [Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange], who cloak their extreme and muddled beliefs in the language of rights, liberties and justice. Their actions are bringing about the greatest peacetime defeat in the history of the West. That is not a noble crusade.  Excerpted from Edward Lucas “A Press Corps Full of Snowdenistas” Wall Street Journal 1/30/14

– Grizzly Joe

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