Egypt- Christan Copts Insulted Islam by Mocking ISIS

Egypt- Christan Copts Insulted Islam by Mocking ISIS

blog pic gj JPGIt is not uncommon in the Muslim majority Arab world for citizens, especially non-Muslims, to be criminally charged with “insulting Islam.”  Now we find Coptic Christians in “moderate” Egypt charged with mocking the savage Islamic State:


Four Egyptian students and their teacher face charges of “insulting Islam” after they made a video poking fun at the terror group known as ISIS. They were turned in by their Muslim neighbors. The five people, who hail from the [Christian] Coptic community, have already spent weeks in police holding cells.

[Coptic activist Mina Thabet said] that the 30-second video clip failed to support the rumors about the boys supposedly insulting Islam. However, the video did show them mocking ISIS through a fake beheading.

“It’s fair to say that these boys are headed for trial based on how we’ve seen similar cases play out in the past,” [Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern] said. “If convicted under the blasphemy law, they could indeed be detained for the duration of their sentence, or they could receive a suspended sentence because of their age.”

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Recall the “controversial” Saturday Night Live video that mocked ISIS.  In Egypt, anyone connected with the production of that video would face charges under the Islamic “blasphemy law.”


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