UPDATE 9/18/2013- Sadly, in the wake of the Navy Yard massacre, this article is somewhat relevant once again.  While this article speaks more to violent radicalization then mental health issues, it remains to be seen whether the Navy Yard shooter, as mentally unstable as he apparently was, was radicalized in any way…  Nevertheless, rather then deal with the serious mental health implications of the Navy Yard, Aurora CO., and Newton CO shooters, those on the left start chanting “gun control” while the first victim is still warm.  Moreover, I have to say it again; would not allowing our military to be armed at all times, on OR off duty, have changed the outcomes in at least the Navy Yard, Ft. Hood & Aurora, CO (theater) shootings?  Recall that numerous off-duty military were in the Aurora theater but all were apparently unarmed.  I wish that I would never have occasion to recycle this article again…

Updated 1/1/2013- I’ve not written anything thus far about the Newtown Massacre; naturally the issue of “gun control” is being debated once again.  I think the more appropriate debate post-Newtown should be how we as a society deal with mentally disturbed persons who may be a danger to the general populace.  I fully intend to explore the Newtown Horror after I’ve put some distance between myself & the event.  Nevertheless, I believe this previous post is still valid as far as it goes… 

The story was still breaking when “enhanced gun control” (my term) advocates appropriated the Sikh temple massacre to further their talking points.  “A guy with a gun killed people again.”  The all-to-quick protests of “more gun control” in response to any mass killing reflects a shallow attempt to politicize a horrific incident.

A few questions need to be raised before applying the “enhanced gun control” debate to any massacre:

Would enhanced gun control have prevented the Oklahoma City bombing in 1985?

Would enhanced gun control have prevented the airplane-as-missile attacks of 9/11?

Would enhanced gun control have prevented the Fort Hood massacre?

Would enhanced gun control have prevented the Aurora Colorado theater massacre?

Would enhanced gun control have prevented the Sikh temple shooting?

Granted, as to the Sikh temple shooting, it is simply too early to answer the question posed and I’ll not speculate to further my thesis. 

Question: How was the Fort Hood shooter able to kill so many before he was stopped?

Answer: At the time, the majority of military personnel were not permitted to carry firearms on base!  That policy sounds like highly restrictive gun control.

Question: How was the Colorado theater shooter able to kill so many with at least 4 active-duty military personnel present?

Answer:  Apparently, active –duty military personnel are not permitted to carry firearms while off-duty/off-base in the United States! That policy sounds like highly restrictive gun control. Think about that policy.  Our military personnel are not permitted to be armed off-base whilst in the U.S.A.  On this point some speculation is legitimate.  How many fewer victims might there have been if our highly trained military personnel therein were armed?  Reports indicate that the one service member killed was actually trying to stop the shooter.

We know that the Oklahoma bombing, the 9/11 attacks and the Fort Hood massacre were carried out by violent radicals.  The Colorado theater shooter’s motive is unknown at this time.  As to the Sikh temple shooter, it seems clear from the early reporting that he was a violent radical motivated by a white supremacist theology.

Thus, we should be discussing the issue of violent radicalization in response to these events.  Sadly, we are we not discussing violent radicalization because the majority of citizens have never heard the term.  On the other hand, who has not heard of gun control?  Therein lays the error of trying to explain these mass-killing incidents with the politically correct catch-phrase “gun control” instead of exploring the fact of violent radicalization.  Knowledge of violent radicalization allows one to understand religious, political and social violence (ie. jihadists, occupy anarchists and white supremacists). The knee-jerk reaction to shout-out “gun control” in response to mass killings is simply ill-logical. -Grizzly Joe

My article about the process of violent radicalization:

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