FBI Warns Students- Beware ISIS Propaganda

FBI Warns Students- Beware ISIS Propaganda

blog pic gj JPGMedia reports about young adults and teenagers joining or attempting to join ISIS have become as commonplace as fleas on a dog.  The bulk of them are motivated by social media propaganda.  How to counter the slickly produced Jihadist propaganda infecting social media and poisoning the minds of at-risk young people?  The FBI believes educational outreach is one answer. Thusly, the FBI has started a program wherein agents talk to students to warn them about Jihadist propaganda:

HACKENSACK — The Islamic State terror group is trolling the Internet to recruit vulnerable young people, the FBI warned on Tuesday, urging students at the Bergen Arts and Sciences Charter School not to believe their propaganda.

The presentation was part of federal authorities’ outreach campaign across New Jersey to warn about the terror threat. It was the first event to be held at a school.

An FBI senior intelligence analyst told the students the talk was about the Islamic State group as a terror group and not a religious one. He said the group uses social media and glossy magazines to train terrorists and to make its mission sound heroic. He said all of the FBI’s 56 field offices had cases of people being recruited.

The analyst, who did not want his name used for safety reasons, said students should seek help from a parent or school counselor if they know anyone in trouble.

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