Fox’s Moronic Dr. Keith Ablow Calls for ‘American Jihad’

Fox’s Moronic Dr. Keith Ablow Calls for ‘American Jihad’

avatarUse of the term “jihad” to motivate patriotic Americans is moronic.


Here is a screen grab of the title of Ablow’s opinion piece at Fox Nation.

ablow jihad pic

Naturally, despite the sensationalist tone of the headline, Dr. Moronic is NOT calling for the type of Jihad we are all familiar with, Islamic Jihad savagery.

Among the many definitions of jihad are a “war or struggle against unbelievers” and “a crusade for a principle or belief.” Given those definitions, I believe it’s time for an American jihad. It’s time for an “American jihad” Dr. Keith Ablow Fox News 10/29/14

The wishy-washy Jihad definitions Ablow offers are the very same offered by Islamist apologists trying to dilute the common meaning of Jihad in today’s lexicon.   Recall that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) campaigned on Twitter with the hashtag #MyJihad to convince the world that Jihad means something, anything other than the slaughter of innocents in the name of Allah.

Ablow continues:

An American jihad would reawaken in American…

An American jihad would embrace…

We would accept the fact that an American jihad could mean… Id.

Look, as a blogger who tries to write HONEST headlines that might cause people to click through and read my posts, I get the notion that more sensationalist headlines will (hopefully) attract more readers.  However, Dr. Ablow should be ashamed of himself for using this cheap rhetorical stunt to call attention to an otherwise mediocre opinion piece.  Ablow has fallen into CAIR’s trap and is using the word in a way that dilutes its popular meaning; Islamic savagery which condones hatchet attacks on NYPD officers, shooting a Canadian Soldier in the back, mass killings, beheadings, the kidnap and rape of young girls, and on and on…  Every time “Jihad” is used to denote anything other than Islamic savagery, the savages win.

Don’t get me wrong, Dr. Ablow’s article attempts to call Americans to action to restore our once great country to its former glory; this is a good thing.  However, using the term “jihad” to motivate patriotic Americans is simply moronic.  He might have better used the term “revolution.” –Grizzly Joe

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