France Israel’s New BFF Thanks to Obama

France Israel’s New BFF Thanks to Obama

If Obama continues to appease Islamist regimes, Israel may be gone before Obama.

This past weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry flew into Geneva for what he thought was going to be the signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran.  Such a deal likely would have briefly taken the spotlight off the domestic debacle that is ObamaCare.  However, the danger inherent in negotiating with Iran, or any Islamic regime, is that the Islamist negotiates to buy time to achieve its ultimate goal.  Iran’s short-term goal is clearly to build a nuclear weapon.  The long-term goal is the destruction of Israel.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration exists in some alternate reality fantasy land and (honestly?) believes they are negotiating with an adversary that can be trusted.  In bending over backwards to appease Islamist regimes, President Obama has effectively left Israel to fend for itself.  Enter Israel’s new best friend, France.

The talks unexpectedly fell apart at the last minute when [the French Foreign Minister ] publicly objected to what he called a “sucker’s deal,” meaning the U.S. was prepared to begin lifting sanctions on Iran in exchange for tentative Iranian promises that they would slow their multiple nuclear programs.

Not stop or suspend them, mind you, much less dismantle them, but merely reduce their pace from run to jog when they’re on Mile 23 of their nuclear marathon.

But the French also understand that the sole reason Iran has a nuclear program is to build a nuclear weapon. They are not nonchalant about it. The secular republic has always been realistic about the threat posed by theocratic Iran.

This now puts the French at the head of a de facto Axis of Reality, the other prominent members of which are Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“We are not blind, and I don’t think we’re stupid,” a defensive John Kerry said over the weekend…  When you’ve reached the “don’t call me stupid” stage of diplomacy, it means the rest of the world has your number. Block quote excerpted from Bret Stephens “Axis of Fantasy vs. Axis of Reality” Wall Street Journal 11/12/13

There was a time, not all that long ago, when the United States was Israel’s closest ally.  We always had Israel’s back.  Under the Obama Administration, U.S.- Israeli relations are arguably at their lowest point since Israel became an independent nation in 1948.  The United States can rebuild its relationship with Israel after Obama leaves office.  The problem is, if Obama continues his efforts to appease  Islamist regimes, Israel may be gone before Obama. – Grizzly Joe

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