Gary Bertnsen on NSA, Hezbollah, & Fighting Al Qaeda 2.0

Gary Bertnsen on NSA, Hezbollah, & Fighting Al Qaeda 2.0

“Right now you really do have Al Qaeda 2.0 coming at us.”- ex-CIA officer Gary Bertnsen

“I am not a supporter of the collection of metadata in the way they are doing it right now…  Many of these organizations… Al Qaeda affiliates, are being led by GITMO detainees, people we had and people we released…  The other piece that we all need to look at… is the resurgence of Hezbollah… We’re gonna have to use the law enforcement model against Hezbollah because they are a large criminal organization…”  Former CIA officer Gary Bertnsen speaking at “LIBERTY VS. SECURITY: What is the Right Post-9/11 Balance in America” in N.Y.C. 8/7/13 sponsored by,, and (OBS Vid 5:23)

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