Haqqani Network Visits Obama Bergdahl GITMO Detainee

Haqqani Network Visits Obama Bergdahl GITMO Detainee

avatarObama Administration promised that the former detainees posed no threat

President Barack Obama was heavily criticized when he traded 5 Taliban GITMO detainees for alleged (“alleged”- pfft!) U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.  The Obama Administration promised that the former detainees would be held in Qatar, would be unable to mingle with other Taliban/Islamic terrorists and, under these circumstances, that they posed no threat to anyone.  Now, The Wall Street Journal reports the arrest of two leaders of Afghanistan’s Haqqani network somewhere in the Persian Gulf and considers that the arrests may reflect a change in Arab states’ heretofore turning a blind eye towards Islamic extremists.  There is a far more realistic story to be gleaned from the facts surrounding the arrests:

[Unnamed officials] said that before their arrest the two men had traveled to Qatar to visit Mr. [Hafiz]Rashid’s brother, Mohammad Nabi Umari. Mr. Umari was one of five Taliban prisoners the U.S. released from Guantanamo Bay prison in May in exchange for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, whom the Haqqanis held captive for five years. As part of the prisoner swap, the so-called Guantanamo Five now live in Qatar. WALL STREET JOURNAL- Haqqani Leaders Detained in Persian Gulf, Not Inside Afghanistan, MARGHERITA STANCATI and EHSANULLAH AMIRI 10/20/14

The headline here should be that a former Taliban GITMO detainee, released by Obama, met with the Haqqani network.  A single arrest does not signal a change in how Arab states will confront Islamic terrorists.  How will the White House spin this story if anyone in the mainstream media asks about it? – Grizzly Joe

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