Hillary Lied on Benghazi- Interim Report

Hillary Lied on Benghazi- Interim Report

There can be no question that the circumstances surrounding the deaths of four Americans in the Jihadist attack on the Benghazi embassy were covered up by the Obama Administration to assure President Obama’s reelection in the short term and to ensure Hillary Clinton’s Presidential aspirations in the long term.  

The “Interim Progress Report for the Members of the House Republican Conference on the Events Surrounding the September 11, 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya” was released on April 23, 2013. Read the full 43 page report here. Given the testimony we are supposed to hear from the three whistleblowers tomorrow, your humble blogger thought it appropriate to review what this report has to say about Hillary Clinton’s testilying, I’m sorry, testifying, before the committee.  All block quotes credit the above report.

Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, up to and including Secretary Clinton.  This fact contradicts her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23, 2013.

Translation: Clinton lied.

In the days following the attacks, White House and senior State Department officials altered accurate talking points drafted by the Intelligence Community in order to protect the State Department.

Translation: Officials engaged in political “CYA” to benefit State a/k/a Clinton.

Contrary to Administration rhetoric, the talking points were not edited to protect classified information.  Concern for classified information is never mentioned in email traffic among senior Administration officials.

Translation: the Obama Administration lied.

This progress report reveals a fundamental lack of understanding at the highest levels of the State Department as to the dangers presented in Benghazi, Libya, as well as a concerted attempt to insulate the Department of State from blame following the terrorist attacks.

Translation: “Hillary 2016” was more important than the deaths of four Americans.

State Department officials in Washington acknowledged that the Benghazi Mission lacked sufficient resources to protect its personnel in a deteriorating security environment.  However, in a cable signed by Secretary Clinton in April 2012, the State Department settled on a plan to scale back security assets for the U.S. Mission in Libya, including Benghazi.

Translation:  Clinton ignored the danger to the Libyan embassy staff.

Multiple Committees have reviewed the State Department documents cited in the previous sections and remain concerned that the documents do not reconcile with public comments Secretary Clinton made regarding how high in the State Department the security situations and requests were discussed.

Translation: Clinton’s comments are contradicted by documentary evidence.

While Secretary Hillary Clinton claimed she accepted “responsibility” for Benghazi, the Committee remains concerned that the [State Department Accountability Review Board] neglected to directly examine the role that [Clinton] and her Deputy Secretaries played in overseeing the gross mismanagement or the ‘systemic failures” within the Department.

Translation:  The Accountability Review Board report was useless.

Even before we hear from the three whistleblowers, it is clear that the circumstances surrounding the Benghazi embassy attack were covered up by the Obama Administration to assure President Obama’s reelection eight short weeks later (“Mission Accomplished”?).  The whistleblowers testimony will hopefully drive the final nail into Clinton’s Presidential aspirations and more importantly, reveal the full truth as to how four American were killed by Islamic Jihadists under the Obama/Clinton watch. By “Grizzly Joe”

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