House Libs, ACLU & Tea Party Seek to Weaken Counter Jihad

House Libs, ACLU & Tea Party Seek to Weaken Counter Jihad

Even the dimmest bulb in the House should recognize we need to at least maintain the status quo in our Counter Jihad tool box.

House Liberals, the ACLU  and Tea Partiers colluding against the Counter Jihad?  That’s what it looks like with two proposed Amendments to the 2014 National Defense Authorization act.  (block Quotes credit “A Tea Party Blind Spot” Opinion- Wall street Journal 6/10/13)

Amendment 1

Democrat Adam Smith and several House Republicans are back with an amendment to prohibit any terrorist captured on U.S. soil—no matter his nationality—from arrest and interrogation by anyone except civilian law enforcement. In other words, neither the military nor CIA could hold or question any enemy combatant.

Amendment 2

Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte, who runs the Judiciary Committee, has floated a proposal to bar U.S. citizens from military detention even if they’re suspected terrorists. That means the likes of would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, an American who trained in Pakistan, would have to be read his Miranda rights immediately and could lawyer-up like a common burglar.


All of this ignores that both the Constitution and laws of war make no distinction between an American and foreign terrorist. Anyone who takes up arms as a declared enemy of the United States, fails to wear a uniform and targets civilians is an illegal enemy combatant, regardless of passport.

Where a terrorist is captured is also immaterial. By offering special protections to those already on U.S. soil, Mr. Goodlatte and his ACLU allies would provide al Qaeda and other terror networks with a perverse incentive to recruit in America.

After 9/11, Congress authorized the President to fight al Qaeda and its affiliates and it has reaffirmed this power in subsequent defense bills.

The law gives the military and U.S. intelligence the power to interrogate terrorists at length and without a lawyer present. This can be vitally important to preventing future attacks.

Both [Amendment] proposals are bad ideas that take a step back toward the pre-9/11 world, when the U.S. treated al Qaeda as a law enforcement problem and made itself more vulnerable to attack. The tea party-ACLU condominium is threatening to blur the laws of war with the rules of civilian justice in a way that could jeopardize U.S. security. Let’s hope they fail.

In light of the Boston Bombing, the Fort Hood Attack, Faisal Shahzad, et al.,  it would seem that even the dimmest bulb in the House should recognize we need to at least maintain the status quo in our Counter Jihad tool box, if not add additional tools.  With the Tea Party adopting Liberal ACLU positions your humble blogger can officially say “Now I’ve seen everything.” By “Grizzly Joe”

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