How Do We Stop Known Jihadists Before they Attack?

How Do We Stop Known Jihadists Before they Attack?

One need not condemn the entirety of Islam nor all Muslims to fight the purported extremists.

Issue: After a very public Jihadist victory (ie. London beheading, Boston Bombing, Fort Hood) we learn that the “suspects” were known to law enforcement/intelligence prior to the attack.  The general public legitimately asks “if we knew about these savages before the attack, why could our government not stop them?”  To be sure, government cannot protect us from all threats at all times.  Therein lies the problem.

How do western governments stop these known (suspected?) Jihadists before they hurt innocents without imposing the dreaded police state; the antithesis of everything we stand for?  Naturally, we need to learn from these cases to tighten the law enforcement/ intelligence loopholes these terrorists slipped through without surrendering the liberties we infidels hold near and dear.  Keep in mind the irony that they use our laws to avoid detection prior to launching their attacks.  Just as the Jihadists learn and adapt from their repeated failures, we must learn and adapt from our occasional failures.

The case of two suspects in the killing of a British soldier here, both previously known to intelligence officials, raises the tricky question of what authorities can do about individuals they suspect of having extremist views when no crime has occurred.

Both men were known to intelligence officials, having surfaced during probes into Islamic extremists in recent years…

Suspects in recent attacks in Boston and in Paris, as well as two of the bombers behind a series of suicide attacks in London in 2005, were all known to security services or law-enforcement officials.

British intelligence officials and police say they interrupt one or more major terror plots each year. British authorities have made about 2,300 terror-related arrests since Sept. 11, 2001, of which more than 800 resulted in charges, according to government figures.

But there are many more people who authorities believe present a serious risk. British officials say MI5 is aware of about 2,000 extremists in the U.K. who are believed to pose a direct threat to national security.

As a result, intelligence officials are under pressure to make difficult judgments about where to focus resources.

The work of intelligence officers is made more challenging by the increasingly decentralized nature of terrorist groups and the rise of so-called lone-wolf operators. (block quote credit CASSELL BRYAN-LOW “Walking a Fine Line to Prevent Terror” Wall Street Journal 5/30/13)

Note that even the “lone-wolf operators” are usually known to law enforcement to some extent before their successful attack.  As I have written before, one step in the right direction to preventing more of these attacks is for western governments, the UK and USA especially, to acknowledge the threat posed by the underlying theology of Islamic Jihad.  One need not condemn the entirety of Islam nor all Muslims to fight the purported extremists. by “Grizzly Joe”

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