Innocence of Muslims Video Tied to Jihadists by Wahlid Shoebat

Innocence of Muslims Video Tied to Jihadists by Wahlid Shoebat

“The narrative that the media circulates [about “Innocence of Muslims”] fails to answer crucial questions behind the mystery of this film… So, who is this man behind the film Innocence of Muslims?” – Walid Shoebat

Writer Wahlid Shoebat asserts the producer of “Innocence of Muslims” is not at all the single the person portrayed by the mainstream media. Shoebat’s article is a MUST-READ for all!

So, who is Walid Shoebat (also spelled Wahlid Shoebat)? Shoebat is a former Muslim Brotherhood member who is now a Christian peace activist. He is also a blogger and an an author.  He appears in the counter-jihad documentaries Obsession- Radical Islam’s War Against the West and Islam- What the West Needs to Know. In short, Shoebat is a counter-jihadist, a “good guy”.

See Shoebat’s full-length report “Anti-Muhammad Film “Innocence of Muslims” has a terrorist financier connection that includes major failures at the FBI”.

See my post dated 9/12/12 Sam Bacile Exposed? wherein I asked “Might the video be a product of the Jihadist propaganda machine specifically designed to inflame Jihadi sympathizers?”  Don’t ya just love it when your suspicions are proven correct?


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