“Interim” Iran Deal in a Nutshell

“Interim” Iran Deal in a Nutshell

Iran is all the closer to wiping Israel off the map.

The Obama Administration continues to grasp at straws to draw attention away from the domestic debacle that is ObamaCare.  Looky here- we’ve appointed Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan!  Looky there- we’re gonna get all our troops out of Afghanistan… maybe!!  Hey gang, watch this- we’re poking China in the eye by flying our airships over their unilaterally expanded air defense zone!  Of course, Jay “The Carnie” Carny portrays the interim nuclear agreement with Iran as a huge step forward for Obama’s foreign policy legacy (??).  Never mind that said agreement puts Israel and the world at greater risk.  What exactly did the interim agreement achieve?

Standing by itself, the interim agreement leaves Iran… in the position of a nuclear threshold power—a country that can achieve a military nuclear capability within months of its choosing to do so.

The heart of the problem is Iran’s construction of a massive nuclear infrastructure and stockpile of enriched uranium far out of proportion to any plausible civilian energy-production rationale.

The interim agreement reached on Nov. 24, though described by all sides as temporary, thus represents a crucial test of whether the seemingly inexorable progress to an Iranian military nuclear capability can be reversed.

Under the interim agreement, Iranian conduct that was previously condemned as illegal and illegitimate has effectively been recognized as a baseline…

Not surprisingly, the Iranian negotiator, upon his return to Tehran, described the agreement as giving Iran its long-claimed right to enrich and, in effect, eliminating the American threat of using force as a last resort.

The next six months of diplomacy will be decisive in determining whether the Geneva agreement opens the door to a potential diplomatic breakthrough or to ratifying a major strategic setback. Block quote excerpted from Henry A. Kissinger & George P. Shultz “What a Final Iran Deal Must Do” Wall Street Journal 12/3/13

In short, the interim agreement with Iran merely gave the Obama Administration the possibility of a brief respite from the media scrum on ObamaCare.  It did absolutely nothing to advance long term American foreign policy interests.  Thanks to this interim agreement, Iran is all the closer to wiping Israel off the map. – Grizzly Joe

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