Introducing Canadian Islamic Jihad

Introducing Canadian Islamic Jihad

Just in case you missed it, now CANADIAN citizens are joining the Jihad.  This is concerning on many levels, from Canadian border security to Islamic radicalization of (previously) non-Muslim citizens.  As to radical Islam generally, it is important to keep abreast of these developments as they arise.  We cannot underestimate nor ignore the threat radical Islam poses.   Those of us in the counter-jihad are branded “islama-phobes”, anti-Islam, etc., by Islamic apologists/propagandists when we write about these issues.  It never ends folks, educate yourself and keep your eyes and ears open.  Your very life may depend on it.  Read on and learn. (block quote credit “Canada Widens Terrorism Inquiry” WSJ 4/4/13)

Canadian authorities are investigating a man from London, Ontario, they say associated with two [other Canadians] who died in January, allegedly as part of the team of terrorists who attacked an Algerian gas plant.

Aaron Yoon isn’t thought by Canadian authorities to have taken part in the attack, but joined [the other two Canadians] in Morocco before the assault happened…

The probe of the three men and their upbringing in southern Ontario underscores the growing difficulty Western governments face in identifying potential threats from homegrown Islamists.

Mr. Yoon, a Muslim convert of Korean-Canadian ancestry… was raised a Catholic and lived with his brother and parents in an apartment in a mainly working class, multicultural area on the southern edge of London, his brother said, adding that becoming a Muslim “changed his life for the better,” making him more respectful.

Islamic conversion “changed his life for the better”?  Maybe.  One cannot rule out that possibility simply because Islam is involved. Religious conversions of any kind can change folks’ lives in a positive manner.  However, did Islamic conversion change his two friends’ lives for the better?  Apparently not, they are dead after taking part in an Islamic terrorist attack.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Canadian Islamic Jihad

  1. Multiculturalism is a big thing in Canadian cities, especially Toronto. Has been like that for decades. Growing up there back then, I had friends of every nationality, but things changed once governments started allowing different groups, mostly Muslims to practice their own ‘laws’, only you’ll never hear the liberal governments call it sharia, but that’s what it is, and it’s grown so much that parts of Toronto are a lot like England, France and Sweden. 🙁 It saddens me to see what’s been going on in the places I grew up.

    • Yes, too many bought into the ‘love’ of Political Correctness. I said from day one that it was just to ‘gag’ people from speaking their minds. You can have a respectful conversation about anything. INTENT is key. More than sad, its terrifying. We need to put a HALT to the influx and the misplaced tolerance. Muslim is not a race so being opposed does not make you racist! It’s self preservation.

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