Iran “Provokes” Isis with Art Competition?

Iran “Provokes” Isis with Art Competition?

mo cartoon posterAfter two armed Jihadists attacked Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative “Draw Mohammed Art Exhibit” in Garland Texas, she was roundly condemned by cowards across the political spectrum for “provoking” the attack.  (These same cowards are surely working doggedly to determine how America provoked the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Fort Hood Attack…)  Ms. Geller’s goal was not to provoke an attack, the very notion is ludicrous!  The point of the competition was to demonstrate that in America, we have the freedom to do that which Islam forbids.  Patriotic Americans will not surrender any freedoms to placate Islamic law (Sharia) or Muslims of any stripe. Now Islamist Iran is borrowing a page from Ms. Geller’s free speech playbook.  Iran is sponsoring an art competition to criticize ISIS:

Organisers said selected works would be displayed at four cultural centres across Tehran, and that a winner would be announced on 31 May.

According to the state-run IRNA news agency, artists were briefed by Iran’s House of Cartoon to focus on “the crimes committed by the Islamic State (Isis)”.

Mohammad Habibi, the executive secretary of the contest, said 280 works had been selected from 800 submissions, including entries from over 40 countries such as Brazil, Australia and Indonesia.

He told Iran’s Press TV: “Nowadays everyone around the world knows about the parasite by the name of Isis and what crimes they have committed against humanity and art and culture. Artists now have the duty to raise public awareness about this group by participating in such events.”

If ISIS attacks Iran in retaliation for this art competition, how many in the American media will blame Iran for provoking ISIS? – Grizzly Joe

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