Iran’s New Cruise Missile… For Peaceful Purposes

Iran’s New Cruise Missile… For Peaceful Purposes

best blog USAAs we watch President Barack Obama’s ill-fated negotiations with Iran over it’s nuclear program, now comes news that Iran has a cruise missile capable of reaching Israel.   Naturally, as with its nuclear enrichment program, Iran has surely developed this missile for peaceful purposes:

TEHRAN, (UPI) — Iran revealed a new land-based, long-range missile system on Sunday, three days after its foreign minister said negotiations with the United States involving Iran’s nuclear program “have made good progress.”

The “Soumar,” a cruise missile system capable of hitting land targets up to 1,500 miles away [emphasis added- OBS], was unveiled in a ceremony in Tehran attended by senior Iranian defense officials.

The unveiling comes during talks with the West over Iran’s nuclear program that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called “difficult.” The negotiations aim to restrain Iran’s nuclear capability in return for a drop of economic sanctions against the country.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, on Saturday called Israel, whose capital Jerusalem lies just over 1,100 miles from Tehran, [emphasis added- OBS] an “illegitimate state.” According to Mehr News, he said Israel was aware of its imminent downfall since missiles from militant Lebanese group Hezbollah now covered the range of Palestinian territories.

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