#ISIS Extremists Blend in with Asylum Seekers

#ISIS Extremists Blend in with Asylum Seekers

From the “No Kidding?” file…  Naturally civilized people wanna do the right thing by folks (Muslim and non-Muslim) who are fleeing Islamic State and Syrian atrocities.  However, there can be no doubt that ISIS jihadists are hiding in plain sight among the so-called refugees.  Counter jihad bloggers note that the refugees appear to be made up predominantly of men while women and children are few and far between.  How do we weed out the savage Islamist dogs from among the sheep?

PARIS (AP) — When Islamic State extremists lost control of a key crossroads town in northern Syria in June, some militants shed their jihadi garb and blended in with the flood of Syrians fleeing across the Turkish border. Since then, the exodus of Syrians and Iraqis toward Europe has surged — and Europeans opposed to taking in more refugees say that more than ever, they fear “disguised terrorists” in their midst.

Governments along the route have different assessments of the threat. Two senior Iraqi officials and a Syrian activist say a small group of hardened Islamic State extremists is believed to have left the war zones of Iraq and Syria to blend in with the masses of asylum seekers in recent weeks.

Intelligence officials in France and Germany expressed skepticism, saying they have no specific evidence. The Soufan Group, a security consulting firm, said Monday that some infiltration was probable but the extent of the danger was unknowable, making it “susceptible to exaggeration and exploitation.”

Even Pope Francis urged caution. [OBS- emphasis added!!]  In an interview with a Portuguese Catholic radio station broadcast Monday, he recalled that the Bible requires that strangers be welcomed, but acknowledged the need for precautions.

U.S. intelligence officials also are worried that Europe’s disorganized response will allow terrorists to circumvent checks.

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