ISIS Fighters Arrested in Germany

ISIS Fighters Arrested in Germany

best blog USAThe problem of Western jihadi wannabees going to Syria and Iraq for ISIS training before returning to the home country has come to the fore since the Paris attacks.  The movement of these savages across porous international borders endangers all citizens in the Western, non-Islamist world.  These are the animals populating so-called sleeper cells.  Do not be shocked when we learn that the few jihadists caught so far are only the tip of the iceberg:

BERLIN (Reuters) – Police have arrested two German men suspected of being members of insurgent group Islamic State, the federal public prosecutors office said on Thursday.

Authorities are worried about possible attacks in Germany by Islamists who have returned to Germany after joining Islamic State and other similar groups in Syria and Iraq. Fears have heightened after this month’s Islamist attacks in France.

Security services say about 600 German residents have joined militant groups in Syria and Iraq. Of those, about 60 have been killed and around 180 are thought to have returned home.

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