“Islam What the West Needs to Know” DVD review

“Islam What the West Needs to Know” DVD review

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[Author’s note (4/5/12)- This site is NOT anti-Muslim.  It is anti-Jihadist. This DVD paints with a very broad brush, some may say it overstates the issue.  I would tend to agree with those who are critical of this DVD. HOWEVER, the core information presented, viewed with an intelligent mind, is EXTREMELY important to Americans.  For a more balanced view of the jihadist issue, see my “Third Jihad” DVD review.]

Does Islam sanction violence perpetrated in its name? This is a very disturbing but educational documentary. Currently, Western politicians, the media and Muslim “activists” refer to Muslim terrorists as fanatics, a fringe of the Muslim faith. This film posits that the supossed fringe in fact represents true orthodox Islam following a literal interpretation of the Koran.

The history of Islam is traced back to the violence of its earliest days in the 7th century. Shown in its historical context, Islam condones and indeed requires violence against non-Muslims. It is argued that purported peaceful/moderate Muslims must reject the Koran and therefore they are actually outside the true Islamic belief system. The justification for barbaric beheading of percived enemies is justified because Muhammed himself beheaded people personally as a typical 7th Century warlord. It is noted that some Koran verses speak of peace and tolerance. However those particular verses date back to the earliest days of Islam when Muhammad had few followers and therefore little power. Speaking of peace when one has little power can be seen as pragmatic. Koran verses are not organized chronologically but by their length, longest to shortest. Where conflict arises between verses, those that physically appear later in the Koran make the earlier, longer verses null and void. Thefore the violence inherent in later verses cancel out any peacful notions in the earlier, longer verses written when Islam had less power.

Orthodox Islam is shown to be an all encompassing cultural paradigm dedicated to establishing Islamic law over the entire world. Only then does Islam declare that Islamic “peace” will reign over the world. How are suicide bombings justified? To die as a martyr for Jihad is an assurance of salvation in the afterlife. Islam requires Muslims to kill non-Muslims. The goal of Islam is for Muslim law, Sharia, to be spread over the whole world.

Further, September 11, 2001 was not a random date on which to attack the United States. September 11, 1683 was a significant date in Muslim history. The film opines that September 11 was chosen to signal the reimergance of Islamic Jihad against the non Muslim world. Islam is presented as a geopolitical system of government. Sharia is wholly incompatible with Western ideals of human rights. Thus, while western politicians seek a dialogue with Muslims, the dictates of the Koran make this impossible.

The question one walks away with after viewing this movie is why does a literal interpretation of Islam focus on a luxurious life after death rather than bettering one’s life on earth?

This DVd runs 98 minutes. I srongly recommend seeing this movie for yourself so you can judge for yourself how we should view
Islam as a belief system.

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  1. You can’t be farther from the truth. Yes Islam does say that you must “Struggle in the sake of Allah” the literal term for jihad. Jihad has many different paradigms and is far more complex that just barbaric warfare. Sharia is not a law in which it pertains to a certain group, sect or religion. Sharia in the literal sense is GOD’S law that is suppose to protect the freedoms of everyone regardless of race, creed or religion. The war against Islam is a war that threatens the fabric of capitalism. It establishes rules regarding, financing, marriage, religion, politics and civil law. It is to bring equality to the entire human race. So the west portrays Islam as the monster when it’s really the solution to all of the world’s problems. It’s just unfortunate that most people won’t take heed

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