Islamic Iran Concealing Nuclear Reality?

Islamic Iran Concealing Nuclear Reality?

BREAKING NEWS- Satellite imagery appears to indicate that Iran is covering up its true nuclear intentions. Why would Iran want to conceal the goals of its nuclear program? Iran’s Islamic regime insists that its nuclear program is purely peaceful in nature.  Iran’s support of terrorism by proxy beyond its borders is well documented. Israel asserts its right to launch preemptive strikes as a means of self-defense if the Iranian nuclear program poses a threat to Israel. Israel is widely known to have nulclear weapons of its own for defensive purposes. American President Obama insists on economic sanctions and on diplomatic solutions. However, in assimilating all these conflicting positions, we must understand a very basic tenet of Islamic law. Islamic theology permits, indeed requires, the use of deception to protect the ultimate goal of the Islamic body, in this case Iran. Islamic fundamentalism requires Iran to cover-up the true nature of its nuclear program if the goal of that program is in fact non-peaceful. To properly evaluate the potential veracity of Iran’s peaceful proclamations, one must have a basic understanding of the Islamic Doctrine of Deception. Why is Iran cleaning up  a nuclear site on the eve of purportedly allowing international inspections? Has the time come for Israel to act unilaterally?

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