Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 1

Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 1

[Note- This site is NOT anti-Muslim.  It IS anti-Jihadist.  I have written several articles dealing with Islamic Jihad.  Presented here are portions of those articles, digested and woven into a narrative of sorts, so that the uninformed will understand why we must all learn about Islam to protect the American way of life.] 

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“All I need to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11”

That statement makes for a great bumper sticker and was actually this writer’s viewpoint for a good many years.  As a government employee in Lower Manhattan on the morning of 9/11 (details of my involvement are irrelevant for this discussion), that was all I needed to know to get through the following weeks, months and years after 9/11.  However, how to reconcile the proclamations of Islam as a “religion of peace” with the death and carnage of 9/11? How  could 9/11 have happened in the name of a purported religion?  What is the truth about Islam and, more specifically, Islamic Jihad (a/k/a “Islamic Holy War”)?

Before embarking on this quest for knowledge, note that over 10 years after 9/11 many families have yet to receive even partial remains of their loved one. The New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s Office announced the most recent victim identification on February 10, 2012. Over 2,750 people were reported missing in the World Trade Center attacks. This latest identification brought the number of victims to have had some portion of their remains identified to 1,633. 1,120 victims have not had any remains recovered. (It is not my intention to minimize the Pentagon and Pennsylvania prongs of the attack; I focus on the Trade Center attacks only because that is where I was.)

To understand the danger of Islamic Jihad one must focus on the origins of Islam, the Koran and specific portions thereof which must be of concern to non-Mulims (“infidels”). The knowledge derived allows us infidels to defend ourselves against the threat of Islamic Jihad. Infidels are anyone who reject Islam.  Don’t follow Islam? Then you are an infidel and an enemy to the Muslims.

[Tomorrow- Pt. 2 Islam’s Origins]

2 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 1

  1. This is pathetic. 9/11 should never be used as an example for the entire Muslim community of the world. Muslims will all agree that Islam is a religion of peace (contrary to Islamistic ideals). Other than that you might wanna do some research on what “jihad” really means….

    • where does this article applie 9/11 to the whole Muslim community? ya missed the introductory paragraph [Note- “This site is NOT anti-Muslim. It IS anti-Jihadist. I have written several articles dealing with Islamic Jihad…] Sounds like YOU need to learn what “jihad” means… many books/DVD in my store can help you to learn.

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