Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 3

Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 3

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Islam as a Cultural Paradigm

Islam is much more then a religion. It is a cultural/religious/political paradigm dedicated to establishing Islamic law over the entire world. Only then can Islamic “peace” reign over the world.  Of course the Islamic view of peace and our Westen view of peace are two entirely different concepts.  Any means used to establish Islamic domination are “good” and permissible in Islamic theology. The goal of Islam is for Muslim law, Sharia, to be spread over the whole world. Islamic Sharia is wholly incompatible with Western ideals of human rights. For example, women’s rights are non-existent in Sharia law.

There is no question that Islamic Jihad poses a clear and present danger to all non-Muslims. Western mainstream media and, indeed, most western governments would have us believe that Islamic Jihad is a concept followed by a small minority of Muslims. This belief reflects an ignorance of the Koran’s precepts. Islam is not merely a religion but an all-encompassing cultural system that does not distinguish between religion and government.

Many Muslims Can Not Read the Koran

In any event, Mohammed’s purported prophecies are codified in the current Koran and form the core belief system of over 1 billion Muslims worldwide. Ironically, large numbers of these Muslims actually have no idea of what the Koran instructs. They literally can not read it. The Koran is an Arabic book written in Arabic.  All Muslims are required to recite their prayers in Arabic even if they do not speak or understand Arabic. How does this fact impact the debate about Islam as a “peaceful religion”? The bottom line is that those Muslims who cannot read the Arabic Koran learned Islam at the local mosque.  That which is taught at the local mosque is only as good or evil as the Iman teaching it.

The problem with non-Arabic Koranic translation is that many phrases of the Koran that seem gentle in English (or any non-Arabic language) are in fact quite hateful taken in their original Arabic context.

[Tomorrow- Pt. 4 Peace Abrogated]

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