Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 4

Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 4

[This is the 4th  of 7 Jihad articles; start with the 1st one here]

Peace Abrogated

There is an important concept that must be understood when determining whether any particular verse of the Koran must be followed by Muslims today. When an earlier verse in the Koran is contradicted by a subsequent verse the earlier verse is abrogated, canceled out. Mainstream Islamic tradition holds abrogation as a legitimate interpretive tool in determining what Muslims are in fact required to do by Allah. Keep in mind, from a pragmatic viewpoint, that the initial verses came down when Mohammed was a powerless prophet. The later verses came down after Mohammed became the leader of a great army. Therefore the later Koranic verses of warfare against infidels takes precedence over the earlier peaceful revelations. The later verses require war against the infidels.  Thus, Muslims hold that they have an obligation of holy war, Jihad, against every non-Muslim.

Issue: Why does a literal interpretation of Islam focus on a luxurious life after death rather than bettering one’s life on earth? Answer: Islam was “revealed” at a time when Arabs were violently conquering a good part of the known world.  How better to inspire warriors then to have an established Arab religion preaching “you are doing this for Allah, and Allah shall reward you in Paradise [the after life].”

Issue: How are suicide bombings justified? Answer: According to the Koran, to die as a martyr for Jihad is an assurance of salvation in the afterlife. Islam requires Muslims to kill non-Muslims.

Doctrine of Deception

To properly evaluate the potential veracity of Islam’s peaceful proclamations, one must have a basic understanding of the Islamic Doctrine of Deception. The Koran actually permits Muslims to lie where it will serve the furtherance of Islam. Further, due to the Islamic Doctrine of Deception even those Muslims who understand that the Koran’s peaceful verses are abrogated by later militant verses are permitted, indeed required, to hold up those earlier versus as proof of Islam as a peaceful religion when presenting Islam as a religion of peace will further Jihadist goals.

Allah Wills It

Interestingly, the Koran instructs that Allah controls the fate of the infidels. Thus, we infidels reject the Islamic faith because Allah wills it. The concept of free will is heresy early in Islamic theology. Question: If we infidels behave as Allah wills it, why do Muslims despise us for following Allah’s will? Taking that thought one step further, why does the Koran, Allah’s unblemished word, condemn us for following that which Allah commands?

In the meantime, we infidels need to protect ourselves and defend our free societies. It is futile to pretend the threat to non-Muslims doesn’t exist and for government officials to merely hope that the threat of jihad will go away.

Yes, it is true that an honest scholarly examination of Islam portrays a rather bleak future for us lowly infidels. However my goal in sharing this knowledge with my fellow infidels is to allow all of us to properly evaluate the threat that Islamic Jihad poses to us and our world.

[Tomorrow- Pt. 5 Jihadist Groups in the U.S.]

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