Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 5

Islamic Jihad 101- A Patriot’s Introduction Pt. 5

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Evidence of Jihadist Mechanisms in the United States

The danger of underestimating the growing problem of American-Islamic Jihadists can not be understated. The cultural aspect of American Jihad includes the duplicitous use of our laws and rights to work towards the overthrow of American society.

Exhibit “A”: The New Black Panther Party

An example of the Jihadist system already in America is The New Black Panther Party (hereinafter “NBPP”) which has drawn much media attention by using the Trayvon Martin tragedy to publicize their pathetic “organization”. This the group that offered a $10,000 reward for the arrest of the shooter George Zimmerman. Who are these opportunists that would use the tragic death of a young black man to promote themselves? What is their true agenda?

Beyond the similar name, NBPP has no connection to the “original” Black Panther Party founded in the 1960s. Here is the part that must concern us. The New Black Panther Party was led by Khalid Muhammad in the late 1990s. Muhammad was one of Louis Farrakhan’s top lieutenants in the Nation of Islam. Khalid was ejected from the Nation of Islam by Farrakhan after a 1993 speech wherein he implored the murder of white South Africans. The (now deceased) leader of the New Black Panther Party was too extreme for Louis Farrakhan! The association with the Nation of Islam gives us a hint of the true NBPP mind-set and their likely Islamic-American Jihadist agenda.

Exhibit “B”- Council on American-Islamic Relations

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in March of this year used media reportage of the New York City Police Department’s counter-terrorism efforts as cover to gain the trust of the media, left-of-center Americans and other ill-informed police departments.  CAIR is convincing American police departments to publicly promise not to use NYPD investigative techniques to investigate Islamic groups.

However, to see CAIR’s actions for what they truly are, one must understand the Islamic Doctrine of Deception.  We know that Islamic theology permits, indeed requires, the use of deception to protect the ultimate goal of the Islamic body, in this case CAIR.  CAIR goes to great extremes to portray Islam as a peaceful religion. Islam requires CAIR to lie about its advocacy where the goal of that advocacy is in fact non-peaceful; to wit, in furtherance of Islamic Jihad against the United States.

Exhibit “C”: CAIR Fights Exposure of True Islam

Aside from the main stream media, CAIR was the most vocal group protesting against the NYPD showing the “Third Jihad” DVD earlier this year. While CAIR masquerades as a moderate Muslim group they are in reality practicing Islamic Deception. Cair officially denounces only the terrorist group Al Qaeda but refuses to denounce Hamas or Hezbollah. Cair was established by former Hamas members.  Why would CAIR seek to censor this video instead of using it to open a dialogue?

Exhibit “D”: The Muslim Brotherhood

As a footnote to this discussion, the Muslim Brotherhood in North America has published a manifesto which describes its work in America as a “Grand Jihad”.  Recent news reports out of the Mid-East indicate that the Muslim Brotherhood are making significant political gains after the upheavals of the “Arab Spring.”  Rhetorical question: are they pro-democracy advocates or Islamists?

The basic premise is that Americans needs to understand that the Jihadist machinery is already present within American society. The bottom-line is that our very lives and liberty are at stake due to the infiltration of Islamic Jihadists in America.

[Tommorrow- Pt. 6 Media vs. NYPD]

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